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Dave and Jean Klinski owners of Ten Point Lodge LLC    Ten Point Lodge at Minnesota OutfitterTen Point Lodge, LLC is the Minnesota outfitter determined to wed sustainable agriculture, forestry, and the re-establishment of wildlife habitat. The intent is to develop the natural resources on our farm that have in the past been considered less than productive, and create an atmosphere that is appealing to  wild game, visitors and beneficial to the landowner.
     Dave and Jean Klinski have farmed the land for over thirty years and raised five children. Because they are the fourth generation of farmers on this land they have an understanding of what it means to take care of the land, maintain and enhance the existing ecology, and in a sustainable way preserve the woodlands  The process of direct seeding is being used to establish new hardwood forests. So far, over 24 acres of previous pasture has been reseeded to hardwoods.
     In the spring of 2007, 14.7 acres of the less productive work land was seeded down into short prairie grass for quail habitat.  The maturing of these plantings has not only benefited released quail but has become a haven for all species of wild life.  These plantings are all located along the edge of the woodland and bordering the cropland.  In turn, these acres have become a bedding area for deer and for many hunters, they have become an added hunting experience.
     After nine years of direct hardwood seedlings, fourteen foot walnut and eight foot oak are common.  Every year these plantings are increasing in their ability to attract deer as areas for does to drop their fawns and bachelor groups to hang out for the summer months.  During the rut more then one shoot able buck has been seen courting his lady in these plantings.  With no barbwire fences on the property the mobility of deer is not impeded in any way and the ability of the deer to move freely has changed the hunters opportunities dramatically.
     Hikers at Minnesota Outfitter Ten Point Lodge LLC Successful Squirrel Hunters at Miinnesota Outfitter Ten Point Lodge LLCSeven different plots of conifers have been planted in the last four years.  Once they make it past the stage where deer will bother them they will make some amazing habitat.  They have been planted twenty feet apart to glean the greatest benefit for upland game bird cover and bedding deer.
     Several experiments have been tried to diversify three new tree plantings.  One was to use stag horn sumac as a nurse crop over a direct seeding.  Another was to plant five acres of semi dwarf crab apple seed in an old stand of hardwoods that had undergone invasive eradication.  These plantings have yet to prove themselves; but you don't know if you don't try.
     The eradication of invasive species shifted into high gear in 2012 as 25 acres of old timber was treated.  Some claim that buckhorn, honeysuckle, barberry and multi-floral rose create wildlife cover, but in our observation these species actually plug up the landscape to the point that deer can no longer move freely and native Coyote Pups on land that Minnesota Outfitter Ten Point Lodge LLC manageswoodland species are smothered out.
     In 2016 the last twenty eight acres on the south farm will undergo timber stand improvement work.  Then the second phase of invasive removal will start as second growth invasives need to be treated.  In 2017 a thinning process will begin to cut out the nurse trees, white ash, and release the Red, White and Burr Oaks.  This work has created a remarkable effect on the number of deer and turkey on the property.  It can only get better.
     In 2021 fifteen more acres of Prairie Grass are being added.  Additions of an acre of Chestnut, Chinkapin Oak, Northern Pecan and Red Cedar.are also being Unrecovered Whietail deer kills are a major issue at Ten Point Lodge, LLCadded.
     In time more practices will be implemented to enhance the experiences of the patrons of "Ten Point Lodge LLC".

This is an example of why wounded and unrecovered kills are a major issue at Ten Point Lodge, llc.




Bobcat Kittens on land that Minnesota Outfitter Ten Point Lodge LLC manages
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